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Customer and Bank EDI Integrations developed for SOFTFINANCE and SOFTTRANS® Applications provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for work processes.

By means of SOFTFINANCE Bank EDI Integration, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is carried out between General Accounting, Checks and Notes, Bank Account Management, and Human Resources Management applications, and banks; thus, efficiency is increased in work processes, and traceability is provided.

By means of SOFTFINANCE Customer EDI Integration, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is carried out between Purchasing Management, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Sales Management applications, and customers and suppliers; thus, many functions such as generation of special EDI files for data related with purchasing and sales orders are realized.

By means of SOFTTRANS® Customer EDI Integration, transfer of data related with transport orders and bill of lading instructions, tracking, loading, truck departure, truck arrival, goods delivery, and similar status changes between SOFTTRANS® Operation Applications and customers and representative companies is effective in completing work processes expeditiously.

Customer EDI Integration

  • EDI infrastructure used by all SOFT applications
  • Electronic data interchange in XML, EDIFACT or SOFT-EDI standards
  • Creating special EDI files for data related to purchase and sales orders
  • Interchange of data related to shipments, delivery notes and invoices
  • Prevention of sending the same data repeatedly.
  • Interpretation of incoming EDI files and updating the data to SOFTFINANCE Database
  • Reliable data transfer via Internet or other transmission media
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Bank EDI Integration

  • EDI infrastructure used by all SOFT applications
  • Creating special EDI files for data related to remittances and EFT, checks and notes transactions
  • Sending payroll payment data
  • Prevention of sending the same data repeatedly
  • Interpretation of incoming EDI files and updating the data to SOFTFINANCE Database
  • Integration of remittance, EFT, checks and notes data to Bank, Current Account and General Accounting applications
  • Automatic bank account reconciliation
  • Money transfer abroad
  • Electronic data interchange in XML standards




All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency.
The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in integration.

SOFT Applications are constantly developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

Transform your business with us!

Container Tracking & Warehouse Management Application
Warehouse Management
  • Multiple warehouses management
  • Aisle, division, location, and shelf definitions in warehouse
  • Defining locations as quarantine, quality control, refrigerated area
  • Defining locations as storage, collecting, transit area
  • Separation of locations according to kind of goods
  • Goods reception list
  • List of goods with discrepancies between goods reception list and delivery note
  • Goods reception, placing of materials, picking and shipping transactions
  • Pallet tracking
  • User defined actions in warehouse (pallet unbinding, labeling, etc.)

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Sales Management Application
Sales Management
  • Tracking customer data
  • Multiple delivery points definable for the same customer
  • Generating price lists for goods and services
  • Price lists in foreign currency
  • Entry of customer orders
  • Defining sales conditions while receiving orders
  • Entering shipping terms while receiving orders
  • Parametrically defined risk calculation formulas
  • Item reservation while confirming orders
  • Partial deliveries and tracking order status.

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Inventory Control Application
Inventory Control Management
  • Detailed material specifications: group, type, kind, class distinctions
  • Tracking of materials by three different groups; alternative material tracking
  • Capability of working with multiple warehouses
  • Defining authorizations on warehouse basis
  • Tracking material’s minimum, optimum and maximum levels, and warnings
  • Tracking entry/exit of materials, and reservation, defects, warranty, consignments
  • Withdrawal for internal use and tracking on cost center basis; consumption lists
  • Location control, material picking list
  • Cost calculation by averaging, FIFO and LIFO methods simultaneously
  • Inventory sub-ledger, inventory book and end-of-period setoff transactions

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Current Account Management Application
Current Account Management
  • Current account cards containing detailed data for customers and sellers
  • Opening an account card with multiple foreign currencies for a company
  • Tracking all transactions in main currency, reference foreign currency, EURO, transaction foreign currency and account foreign currency
  • Current account tracking on section basis
  • Tracking customers’ risks, credits and collaterals
  • Entering current account transactions (Invoice, Check, Note, Remittance, Transfer, Credit/Debit Notes, Cash)
  • Matching Debit and Credit transactions and finalizing them
  • Current account statement in foreign currency
  • Calculation of exchange rate difference and overdue payment surcharge
  • Account balances, aging, collection and payment tables

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International Road Transportation Application
International Road Transportation
  • Company (customer, agency, etc.) definitions, vehicle definitions and tracking
  • Full (FTL), Groupage (LTL) and hangered transportation
  • Defining customer-specific and general sales tariffs (freight, bill of lading, delivery order and storage) for full, groupage and hangered shipments, and automatic calculation of freight
  • Automatic generation and tracking of offers based on tariffs defined
  • Booking transactions
  • Creating position file for the truck, entry of shipment and package data
  • Entry of comments to appear on documents
  • Loading cargo onto trucks by selecting them by destination and goods type, automatic volume and weight control while loading
  • Tracking transactions for export and import by road transportation operations and issuing related documentation
  • Cargo insurance transactions

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International Sea Transportation Application
International Sea Transportation
  • Company, vessel, ship agency, shipowner and port definitions
  • Defining ship agency buying and selling tariffs and customer selling tariffs
  • Automatic generation of offers to agent and customer, based on entered tariffs
  • Automatic creation of cost rates, using rates in agent buying tariffs
  • Calculating dangerous material difference on customer and agent basis according to IMO degrees
  • Full (FCL), groupage (LCL) and bulk cargo transportation
  • Booking transactions
  • Loading cargo onto containers and vessels by selecting according to criteria such as destination, goods type
  • Entry of position file, shipment and package data for containers
  • Entry of comments to be displayed on documents

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