Sectoral SOFT CRM Solution that Provides Real-Time Visibility

SOFT CRM is a web-based application which allows to manage business processes such as sales, marketing, campaigns and offers; it also includes management of all communication with current and potential customers. With its user-friendly interface, SOFT CRM enables to understand the companies’ customer needs and increase service quality by analyzing their data.

The application can be run on personal computers and tablets with internet access and on all popular browsers. This application has been developed for the employees of the companies using SOFTTRANS® Customer Relationship Management Application, but who are outside of office due to customer visits, etc. SOFTTRANS® user code, password and company selection are required for entering the application. Representative definitions and authorizations in SOFTTRANS® Customer Relationship Management Application are valid.

  • Planning of identified sales targets
  • Create customer lists, send campaigns and announcements
  • Performance management
  • Order, offer and contract management
  • With its parametric category structure, unlimited data entry and statistical analyses for the purpose of reporting based on complaints and requests
  • Analytical and statistical structure
  • Quick access through web-based feature
  • Monitoring and management of all sales processes
  • Collection of all data such as address and contact information for customers or potential customers
  • Defining marketing, sales and customer representatives and managers

SOFT WEB Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce Automation

  • Sales process management and tracking
  • Performance management and premium calculation
  • Opportunity management
  • Activity management
  • Order, offer and contract management
  • Contact management
  • Duty assigning and tracking


  • Campaign and notification management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Lead management
  • Recording all meetings
  • Document management

Customer Services Management

  • Purchasing data and habits tracking
  • Complaint Management and CPA generation
  • Tracking feedbacks
  • Call center integration
  • Field services management
  • Help desk management
  • “Installed Base” management
  • Accounting integration
  • Risk management

Statistical & Analytical Infrastructure

  • RFM analysis
  • ABC analysis
  • Customer positioning
  • Business intelligence infrastructure and flexible reporting

SOFT CRM for Customer Representatives:

  • Assigned tasks
  • Tasks he/she has assigned
  • Appointments
  • Jobs to be tracked
  • Cards of the company he/she is representing

SOFT CRM for the Selected Company Card:

  • Searching through lists from company cards; displaying company data, and making changes by authorization.
  • Displaying address and communication data in company summary data, and if applicable, displaying position data on map
  • Displaying company card data
  • Entry and update of company cards
  • Displaying, adding and updating company contact persons
  • Displaying and entering company meeting, appointment and tracking data
  • Displaying company shipment statistics
  • Entering company potential data
  • Displaying company offers
  • Displaying company shipments
  • Company complaints
  • Displaying company current account statement

CRM is integrated in all SOFTTRANS® operational modules and comprises functions and features targeting a larger number of customers, tracking existing customers and improving service quality of a forwarding company:

  • Defining marketing, sales and customer representatives and managers
  • Assigning targets and quotas for representatives based on parametric groupings, and realization analyses
  • Turnover and profitability analyses on representative basis and premium calculations
  • Defining price and discount authorizations on representative basis
  • With its parametric category structure, unlimited data entry and reporting based on companies are enabled
  • Tracking parametrically defined customers status (prospect, target, regular, lost, etc.)
  • Creating customer groups and levels and analyses
  • Defining and tracking of companies which make joint decisions
  • Controls to prevent and join duplicate cards
  • Tracking customer contacts, unlimited data entry on personal basis and reporting
  • Tracking special data about the customer, important dates and competitors’ activities
  • Automatic sending of e-mails on special days
  • Recording customer visits and appointments
  • Planning marketing activities, warnings, and activity statistics
  • Issuing automatic quotations from rates, tracking tendered quotations
  • With its parametric category structure, unlimited data entry and statistical analyses for the purpose of reporting based on offers are enabled
  • Tracking of customers’ complaints and requests, and automatic warning
  • With its parametric category structure, unlimited data entry and statistical analyses for the purpose of reporting based on complaints and requests are enabled
  • Planning corrective and preventive activities, linking them with complaints and tracking
  • Entry and tracking of representatives’ complaints and keeping statistics
  • Customer statistics: best customers by business volume and by turnover, inactive customers, new customers statistics
  • Positioning customers with ABC and RFM analyses
  • Customer status determined by present, potential and actual customer transactions, and tracking
  • Tracking customer loading frequencies on section basis
  • Tracking priority customers
  • Campaign management, printing campaign labels, analysis of campaign results
  • Sending campaign documents to related companies via e-mail, fax or as hard copy
  • Address-letter combining
  • Ability to select by filtering from categories based on company or persons and sending documents
  • Printing labels for New Year, holidays and special days or sending files by address-letter combining
  • Ability to select companies from various operational reports for campaign or batch sending
  • Ability to reach customers’ data by a single key on any screen in all modules, to track appointments, meetings, complaints, loading information, tendered offers and other documents
  • Linking all sorts of documents and e-mails received in electronic media with companies and loadings
  • Warning users with the reminder system
  • Mutual data transfer by Mobile CRM Application
  • Visitor tracking system




All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency.The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in combination.

SOFT Applications are constantly being adapted and developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

Transform your business with us!

Mobile CRM Featured
Mobile CRM
  • Operating on Pocket PC’s
  • Mobile data collection
  • Data synchronization with CRM Application
  • Microsoft .Net Technology
  • Web based data entry
  • Customer Analytics and statistics
Business Intelligence (BI) Subsystem
Business Intelligence (BI) Subsystem
  • Common BI subsytem for all modules
  • User defined flexible structure
  • User defined reports
  • Management Dashboard
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Pivot table reporting
  • Business graphics wizard
  • MS Excel reports
  • Automatic report creation and distribution
  • Online and Offline Operation
Document Management System
Document Management Subsystem
  • Common Document Subsystem
  • Documents in HTML, ASCII, Word or PDF
  • Linking External Documents
  • Confirmations and Notifications
  • Document Tracking and Reporting
  • MS Office Applications Integration
  • E-Mail and Fax Integration
  • HP MFP Integration
  • Archiving
Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Road Freight Management
  • Sea Freight Management
  • Air Freight Management
  • Railway Freight Management
  • General Project Transportation
  • Domestic Container Transportation
  • International Foreign Preliminary/Final Transportation
  • Truck Tracking and Fleet Management

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Warehouse Management Application
  • Purchasing Management Application
  • Inventory Control Application
  • Export Warehouse Barcode Integration
  • Distribution Management and Barcode Integration
  • SOFTFINANCE – Customer EDI Integration
  • Warehouse Management Standard EDI Integration
  • SOFT Weighing Scale Integration
  • Supply Chain Management Web Portal

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Line Agency Operation Management

Line Agency & Operation Management

  • Definitions of company, vessel, ship agency, shipowner and port
  • Defining ship agency buying and selling tariffs and customer selling tariffs
  • Booking transactions and automatic integration of firm bookings to Container Tracking and Storage Application
  • Distribution of bookings to voyage files
  • Creating position files for voyages, shipment and package data, entry of comments to appear on documents
  • Entry and reporting of container and seal numbers
  • Automatic maximum (container) volume control while entering package data
  • Automatic transfer of container data entries to Container Tracking and Storage Application
  • Automatic generation of letters of offer to agents and customers based on entered tariffs
  • Automatic cost computing using agent buying tariffs
  • Automatic freight calculation from tariff, and invoicing transactions
  • Tracking transactions for Line Agency operations and issuing related documentation
  • Option to operate in integration with Ship Agency Application
  • Shipowner invoices management

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General Accounting Management Application

General Accounting Application

  • Ledger account definition up to 16 digits and 6 levels
  • Handling all transactions in TRY, reference currency, EURO, transaction currency and account’s currency
  • Cost center control, cost center – ledger links and reports
  • Ability of creating collection, payment, booking, opening and closing notes, and voucher templates
  • Voucher copy, move and search functions
  • Creating provision notes
  • Trial balance of different levels and for any number of months
  • In-depth reporting from Trial Balance to accounting note and to invoice
  • Ability of listing account transactions in selected currency
  • Ability to close selected periods to transactions without printing legal books
  • Ability to create legal books, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other financial tables
  • Ability of creating user defined reports
  • Consolidation
  • Inflation accounting transactions
  • IFRS/TFRS reporting

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Current Account Application

  • Detailed data about companies may be entered to current account cards
  • Multiple cards for the same company with different currencies may be opened
  • Monitoring all transactions in TRY, reference currency, EURO, transaction currency and account currency
  • Current account tracking based on sections
  • Monitoring customers’ risks, credit and warranties
  • Entering current accounts transactions
  • Linking debit and credit transactions and finalizing them
  • Current account statement in foreign currency and interest accrual for arrears
  • Overdue payment surcharge calculation
  • Account balances, aging, receivables and payables tables.
  • Aged averages of current accounts
  • Current account analysis, statement with balance, trial balance of current accounts
  • Cash flow table
  • Automatic integration of transactions to accounting
  • ABC analysis, static accounts lists, various analysis reports
  • User defined reports
  • Sending batch e-mails, fax, and printed reconciliation letter and statement to companies

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We provide flexible, end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes – from accounting software for small, medium and large businesses, to a full featured ERP platform serving multi-national companies.

SOFTEASY, SOFTREADY and SOFTLOYALTY solutions fulfill the needs for organizations of all sizes.

The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personnel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

Our customers can access SOFT’s Help Desk by phone or e-mail and report a problem, issue a request, or get information. A call record will be opened in SOFT Internal Tracking System for all sorts of calls via telephone by the customer.