Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

The purpose of SOFTMOBILE Extranet Application is to open the data in SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE Applications, over the Internet in a controlled manner, to customers, agents, suppliers, business partners, and similar institutions and organizations. SOFTMOBILE Extranet Application consists of: the main module which includes administrative functions such as portal structure, parameters, user definitions, authorizations, Main Page, Password Entry, Password Change, Password Request Form, Forgot My Password, and the standard functions listed below;

and Web pages specially developed on this main page. Microsoft Asp.Net applications run on all Web browsers. On the Web, the application provides desktop easiness, and is compatible with drag and drop and all supported touch Technologies.

The application provides the whole infrastructure including certified statutory book required for documents and announcements which must be published on the Web pages of companies, according to the new Turkish Commercial Code.

  • International Road, Air and Sea Transportations shipment inquiry
  • International Road, Air and Sea Transportations order entry
  • Domestic Logistics and General Cargo Transportation shipment inquiry
  • Domestic Logistics transport order entry
  • Bonded Warehouse shipment inquiry and Warehouse account inquiry
  • Shipment status and filter by date
  • Adjusting inquiry fields and sequence by user
  • If position data for shipment exists, displaying it on map (political and satellite display on Bing Maps)
  • Displaying and downloading of permitted documents related with shipment
  • Document issuing related with shipment
  • Inquiry of trucks and shipment coming to agent
  • Agent shipment delivery data entry
  • Displaying maps and documents related with shipment presented to customers
  • New dealer-department store definition
  • New material definition
  • Sales order entry
  • Purchase order entry
  • Order shipping confirmation
  • Inquiry of warehouse entry, exit and other transactions
  • Material stock inquiry
  • Current account statement and current account balance
  • User password transactions


We provide flexible, end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes – from accounting software for small, medium and large businesses, to a full featured ERP platform serving multi-national companies.

SOFTEASY, SOFTREADY and SOFTLOYALTY solutions fulfill the needs for organizations of all sizes.

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The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personnel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

Our customers can access SOFT’s Help Desk by phone or e-mail and report a problem, issue a request, or get information. A call record will be opened in SOFT Internal Tracking System for all sorts of calls via telephone by the customer.