SOFT Corporate Auditing

Corporate audit consists of the processes of observation and analysis of how actively, efficiently, and correctly SOFT Applications are used. In this audit, which is carried out by SOFT, a project manager is assigned as the auditor and a team is formed. Software using habits of the company personel are observed and reported. The auditor and the team analyse the status of usage of the modules which are in use according to SOFT standards.

All incorrect and incomplete points in using the software are determined by means of standardized control lists and audit plan. All processes which are determined and which need to be intervened are shared with the customer in a detailed report; recommendations for enhancement are offered. The content and date of the audit are mutually planned with the customer. The auditor, project team, duration and scope of the project are determined in the meetings to be held.

SOFT Corporate Auditing

Scope of The Corporate Audit Process

It can comprise all SOFT Applications which are considered as necessary in the scope of the project. A time plan is set up for auditing each module. The assigned auditor and the team audit whether the applications are used correctly or not, on determined dates and times.

The aim of corporate audit is to save time and to increase labor efficiency in the long term, thus to increase profitability.

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    The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

    The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

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