SOFTFINANCE Applications, which enable you to manage all functions related with maintenance control transactions for machines and hardware, also provide basic functions such as tracking periodic maintenance and control data which are registered with definitions of machines, vehicles, and hardware under maintenance, generating work orders, and reporting.

The modules, which are developed for business processes related with maintenance and service management, constitute a management system operating in integration with SOFTTRANS® Truck Tracking and Fleet Management, Inventory Control, and Purchasing Applications.

  • Issuing and finalizing work orders
  • Cost analyses
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling daily and weekly control maintenance programs
  • Labor duration definitions
  • Service and spare part transactions
  • Tracing past transactions and reporting
  • Transactions related with spare parts




All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency.The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in integration.

SOFT Applications are constantly developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

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Maintance Management
Maintenance Management Application
  • Defining and tracking basic data related to vehicles, machines, and hardware
  • Defining periodical maintenance and control data related to vehicles, machines, and hardware
  • Preventive/planned maintenance and incidental maintenance management
  • Scheduling control and maintenance programs daily, weekly, or based on vehicles, and warning
  • Issuing work orders; entering duration, personnel, and transactions related with parts
  • Finalizing work orders and cost calculation
  • Tracing transaction history, and reporting
  • Spare parts and manpower planning
  • Spare parts inventory transactions in integration with Inventory Control Application
  • Tracking parts under warranty

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Service and Maintance Management
Service and Maintenance Management Application
  • General definitions related to hardware and machinery to which service is rendered
  • Different standard labor duration definitions according to model
  • Multiple sales price definitions for spare parts, consumption material and labor
  • Broken hardware service form and service work order management
  • Finalizing service work order, pricing, and invoicing
  • Work order cost calculation
  • Periodical maintenance work order templates definition
  • Spare parts stock operations in integration with Inventory Control Application
  • Transactions related with service and spare parts covered by warranty
  • Equipment service history

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Tire Management Application
Tire Management Application
  • Keeping tire data on tractor and trailer (serial number, brand, model, design, original thread depth, DOT, production date, etc.)
  • Keeping tire location plans according to tire types
  • Distribution of present tires in vehicles and tracking their status; entering periodical measurements and other transactions into system, and tracking
  • Tracking transactions such as coating etc., issuing work orders
  • Tire abrasion analysis by vehicle type, tire position, route, quantity of goods transported, etc.
  • Warning robot for tires which are close to critical thread depth


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The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personnel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

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