General Accounting Application within SOFTFINANCE Application has been developed in accordance with the Uniform Accounting System and related communiqués. The application, which allows management of all financial and accounting work processes of companies on a digital platform, comprises comprehensive functions and accounting tools.

Your data will be kept securely with General Accounting Application which provides such capabilities as preparing reports in conformity with legal and commercial standards; financial planning and tracking; working with multiple foreign currencies; access to all data on a single platform.

  • Ledger account definition up to 16 digits and 6 levels
  • Handling all transactions in TRY, reference currency, EURO, transaction currency and account’s currency
  • Cost center control, cost center – ledger links and reports
  • Ability of creating collection, payment, booking, opening and closing notes, and voucher templates
  • Voucher copy, move and search functions
  • Creating provision notes
  • Trial balance of different levels and for any number of months
  • Ability of listing account transactions in selected currency
  • Ability to close selected periods to transactions without printing statutory books
  • Ability to create statutory books, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and other financial tables
  • Ability of creating user defined reports
  • Consolidation
  • Inflation accounting transactions
  • IFRS/TFRS reporting
  • In Depth reporting from Trial Balance to voucher and invoice




All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency. The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in integration.

SOFT Applications are constantly developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

Transform your business with us!

Current Account Management Application
Current Account Management
  • Current account cards containing detailed data for customers and sellers
  • Opening an account card with multiple foreign currencies for a company
  • Tracking all transactions in main currency, reference foreign currency, EURO, transaction foreign currency and account foreign currency
  • Current account tracking on a section basis
  • Tracking customers’ risks, credits, and collaterals
  • Entering current account transactions (Invoice, Check, Note, Remittance, Transfer, Credit/Debit Notes, Cash)
  • Matching Debit and Credit transactions and finalizing them
  • Current account statement in foreign currency
  • Calculation of exchange rate difference and overdue payment surcharge
  • Account balances, aging, collection and payment tables

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Purchasing Management Application
Purchasing Management
  • Handling purchase demands
  • Offer requesting and evaluation
  • Generation of purchase orders out of purchase demands
  • Monitoring order status
  • Purchase operations with and without orders
  • Booking purchase invoices
  • Purchase invoice processing
  • Closing of order on entry of goods
  • Control of price in purchase invoice
  • Automatic calculation over contract prices and discount tracking

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Budget Management Application
Budget Management
  • Budgeting based on company, branch, department, section
  • Multiple budgets
  • Consolidation between companies
  • Budgeting with accounting and cost centers
  • Budget estimates on item basis for departments
  • Listing entered budget estimates
  • Comparison of budget and actual status
  • Flexible reporting
  • Reporting in main currency, reference currency and EURO
  • Cost allocation and distribution
SOFT Platform Independent E-Reconciliation
  • Getting reconciliation data in XML, XLS, or XLSX formats from outside systems
  • Reconciliations such as current account balance, exchange rate difference, BA and BS reconciliations
  • Keeping E-Reconciliation data in the document management system
  • Sending E-Reconciliation by E-Mail to companies
  • Getting confirmation or rejection data from the page to be opened via the link in the E-Mail
  • Tracking E-Reconciliation status in web environment
  • Getting E-Reconciliation response on TRY or foreign currency basis as online confirmation or rejection
  • Keeping documents attached to E-Reconciliation responses
  • Manual entering responses received from different channels into the system
  • Resending E-Reconciliations for which no response is received

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Customer EDI Integration
SOFTFINANCE – Customer EDI Integration
  • EDI infrastructure used by all SOFT applications
  • Electronic data interchange in XML, EDIFACT or SOFT-EDI standards
  • Creating special EDI files for data related to purchase and sales orders
  • Interchange of data related to shipments, delivery notes and invoices
  • Prevention of sending the same data repeatedly.
  • Interpretation of incoming EDI files and updating the data to SOFTFINANCE Database
  • Reliable data transfer via Internet or other transmission media

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Bank EDI Integration
SOFTFINANCE – Bank EDI Integration
  • EDI infrastructure used by all SOFT applications
  • Creating special EDI files for data related to remittances and EFT, checks and notes transactions
  • Sending payroll payment data
  • Prevention of sending the same data repeatedly
  • Interpretation of incoming EDI files and updating the data to SOFTFINANCE Database
  • Integration of remittance, EFT, checks and notes data to Bank, Current Account and General Accounting applications
  • Automatic bank account reconciliation
  • Money transfer abroad
  • Electronic data interchange in XML standards

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We provide flexible, end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes – from accounting software for small, medium and large businesses, to a full featured ERP platform serving multi-national companies.

SOFTEASY, SOFTREADY and SOFTLOYALTY solutions fulfill the needs for organizations of all sizes.

The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personnel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

Our customers can access SOFT’s Help Desk by phone or e-mail and report a problem, issue a request, or get information. A call record will be opened in SOFT Internal Tracking System for all sorts of calls via telephone by the customer.