RO-RO Operation Management Application module within SOFTTRANS® Application allows management of transport operations and agency transactions of companies which engage in transportation of TIRs, all sorts of vehicles and cargo by RO-RO vessels.

  • Detailed vessel and crew data, and tracking vessel documents and their validity dates
  • Tracking company, truck and driver data
  • Using the truck data base, automatic calculation of the differences between freight and weight, length and width
  • Tracking blacklist based on company, plate and driver
  • Vessel departure tariffs and booking transactions
  • Delivery order, bill of lading and shortship transactions
  • Cash transactions, collection by all sorts of currency and checks
  • Linking manifest and collection
  • Manifest transactions; creation of manifest data in integration with delivery order and cash transactions
  • Ticket application; tracking tickets, lost ticket and ticket transfer transactions; bonus tickets
  • Batch invoicing companies, using manifest data
  • Tracking of truck documents (TIR carnet, invoice, CMR, conformity document); creating minutes for delivered documents; issuing cargo shipping manifests for documents
  • Agency transactions; issuing port entry and exit documents of vessels for agents
  • General shipment list; driver, passenger, airplane, policemen, etc. Lists; truck inquiry from manifests
  • Customer statistics and marketing reports
  • Analyses of exchange rate difference losses due to collection of installment payments




All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency. The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in integration.

SOFT Applications are constantly developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

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Line Agency Operation Management
Line Agency and Operation Application
  • Company, vessel, ship agency, shipowner, and port definitions
  • Defining ship agency buying and selling tariffs and customer selling tariffs
  • Booking transactions and automatic integration of firm bookings to Container Tracking and Warehouse Management Application
  • Easy distribution of bookings to voyage files
  • Entering position files for voyages, shipment and package data, comments to appear on documents
  • Entering and reporting of container and seal numbers
  • Automatic maximum (container) volume control during entry of package data
  • Automatic transfer of container data entries to Container Tracking and Warehouse Management Application
  • Automatic preparation of letters of offer to agents and customers based on entered tariffs
  • Generating automatic cost prices using agent buying prices

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Ship Agency Application
Ship Agency Application
  • Detailed vessel and port definitions
  • Port tariffs
  • Voyage data
  • Automatic calculation from port tariffs
  • Preparing agency documents
  • Capability to operate in integration with Line Agency Application
  • Capability to operate in integration with Brokerage Management Application
  • Shipowner invoices

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Tax Free Fuel Sales Management Application
Tax Free Fuel Sales Management Application
  • Fuel purchases and tracking fuel quantity in tank
  • Integration with company and truck definitions in Ro-Ro Operation Management Application
  • Different due dates for payment and collateral tracking based on company
  • Fuel sales tariff based on foreign currency
  • Fuel sales control for trucks with delivery order for Ro-Ro
  • Entering fuel quantity given to truck and automatic pricing transactions
  • Consumption material and service sales transactions
  • Sales with invoice or delivery note, batch invoice transactions
  • Cash, collection and invoice closing transactions
  • Issuing bonded warehouse exit declaration

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Mobile RO-RO Port Management
  • Port gate entry-exit
  • Weighing scale measurements
  • Port area placement
  • MAFI tractor work orders and transactions
  • Damage control and register
  • Vessel embarking-disembarking
  • Placement inside the vessel

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SOFTTRANS® - Bilge EDI Summary Declaration Integration
SOFTTRANS® - Bilge EDI Summary Declaration Integration
  • Standard codes used in BİLGE software
  • Data control by grouping shipments in the position on customs basis and creating Pre-Declaration, Arrival Notification, Depart Notification messages
  • Sending Summary Declaration via BİLGE Web Services
  • Automatic sending and receiving of messages without user intervention
  • Receiving and interpretation of reply messages coming from BİLGE software
  • Warning the user by e-mail with MS Exchange Server System Integration module
  • Displaying error messages, if any
  • Recording of registration number coming from BİLGE software to shipments
  • Prevention of sending messages repeatedly
  • Integration with International Road, Air, Sea and Railway Transportation, Bonded Warehouse and Export Warehouse Management, Line Agency and Operation, and RO-RO Operation Management System applications

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The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

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