SOFT E-Document Portal is an application providing system management and portal substructure for applications like E-Invoice, E-Ledger, and KEP (Registered Electronic Mail). SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE users can work with their present user codes and passwords. The application is developed using Microsoft.Net technologies, and user interfaces are developed with Asp.Net.

Portal Substructure

  • Company / application definition
  • User entry
  • User definition / role definition
  • User authorizations
  • Menu system

System Log Subsytem

  • Log archive
  • Reporting


All SOFT Applications have been developed in an integrated structure and provide instant information flow and process efficiency. The aim of SOFT ERP is to manage all work operations in integration. Although applications can be used as solo, efficiency increases when multiple applications are used in integration.

SOFT Applications are constantly developed by the growing needs of The Business Transformation.

Transform your business with us!

E-INVOICE Featured
E-Invoice Application
  • Preparing electronic and printed invoices
  • Confirmation transactions
  • Signing and keeping E-invoices with financial seal
  • Sending E-invoices to GİB Electronic Invoice System
  • Receiving and keeping GİB acknowledgement messages
  • Receiving and keeping confirmation or rejection responses of the receiving company
  • Receiving E-invoices issued in the name of the company from GİB mailbox
  • Integrating incoming printed invoices into the system by scanning
  • Confirmation transactions
  • Sending confirmation or rejection responses for E-invoices to GİB Electronic Invoice System

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E - Ledger Featured
E-Ledger Application
  • Retrieving journal data from SOFTFINANCE General Accounting Application
  • Preparing E-Ledger files according to specified XBRL GL standards and format
  • Placing the prepared file into the projected field in the ledger scheme format
  • Sealing the generated ledger file with Financial Seal and with Time Stamp
  • Generating certificate file from sealed ledger file
  • Sealing the certificate file and marking with Time Stamp
  • Packing sealed certificate file or files
  • Uploading the prepared packages to GİB E-Ledger System
  • Downloading sealed certificates from GİB E-Ledger System into SOFT E-Ledger Application
  • Keeping together the E-Ledger file and certificates sealed by GİB

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KEP Integration Application
  • Conversion of e-mails and other documents generated within SOFT Applications into KEP format
  • Confirmation
  • Signing and keeping these documents using E-Signature via SOFT E-Signature Integration Application
  • Sending these documents to KEP Service Provider System
  • Receiving and keeping acknowledgement message from KEP Service Provider
  • Receiving and saving “acknowledged and read” message from the receiving company
  • Receiving registered electronic mails issued in the name of the company from KEP Service Provider System
  • Submitting these mails to the attention of those interested
  • Tracking “Read” status of the incoming registered electronic mails
  • Linking the incoming registered electronic mails with SOFT Applications

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We provide flexible, end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes – from accounting software for small, medium and large businesses, to a full featured ERP platform serving multi-national companies.

SOFTEASY, SOFTREADY and SOFTLOYALTY solutions fulfill the needs for organizations of all sizes.

The management and coordination of the leased virtual servers shall be undertaken by SOFT and a standard backup service comprises 4-week reversible daily image backup for all servers.

The software consultancy and trainings given by experienced SOFT personnel provide the correct and efficient use of SOFT applications.

Our customers can access SOFT’s Help Desk by phone or e-mail and report a problem, issue a request, or get information. A call record will be opened in SOFT Internal Tracking System for all sorts of calls via telephone by the customer.