Intranet and Extranet Connections

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What Is The Difference Between Intranet and Extranet Connections?

What is Intranet?

Beyond a communication network consisting of computer network clusters spread around the world, which we know as the Internet, network systems where a limited number of computers are connected to each other may also be needed. Institutions and organizations can establish uninterrupted and secure connections within themselves in this structure called the intranet (internal network). For data security reasons, intranet networks are completely closed to the external world and require login credentials for access. The intranet network, called an in-house or internal network, allows effective data exchange between employees by connecting the computers within the organization even without an internet connection.


What is Extranet?

Extranet (external network), which is similar to intranet but used in a different function is connected to the Internet. It enables organizations to give an access to external users such as customers, agents, suppliers, business partners. They connect by authenticating with user IDs and passwords given for using these Extranet applications. Multiple users opened for an organization can have different permissions. The Extranet servers are located in a private intermediate zone between the Internet-connected firewall and the Intranet, while the Intranet is operating in a secure environment with intra-office internal network or SSL VPN.

Companies may need to connect to these applications and the data within them with web services running between systems other than the web interface.  SOFT New Generation Intranet and SOFT New Generation Extranet Applications have been developed as a Web interface for our customers and their customers and business partners using SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE Applications.

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SOFT New Generation Intranet and Extranet Applications

SOFT New Generation Intranet Application is a real-time web application integrated with SOFTTRANS and SOFTFINANCE. It can be accessed from all major browsers and can be operated from different environments such as tablets and computers. As we mentioned in intranet networks, in order to ensure the data security, the connection is realized with the username, password and company selection information assigned to the users. After the connection is realized, users can continue to work with SOFTTRANS®, SOFTFINANCE and special Intranet authorizations.

SOFT New Generation Extranet Application enables SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE Applications to be opened to partners as in extranet connections. Depending on the roles of the people connected, access levels to the applications can be changed, authorization limitations and expansions can also be made. It consists of a main module containing administrative functions and specially developed and integrated web pages.

With SOFT New Generation Intranet and Extranet, which are fully integrated with SOFTTRANS® and SOFTFINANCE Applications, you can save time and duplicate data entry by opening your operational and financial business processes/data to customers, agents, suppliers, etc. It is possible to quickly perform many orders such as shipment inquiries, booking entries, placing orders, displaying and uploading all kinds of documents, and querying current account statements from your web screens.  Furthermore, it is possible to view invoices and make similar actions on the E-Document platforms when necessary, via both the Extranet and the Intranet Platforms. Therefore, you can contact us and get more information to perform these operations easily and increase the added value of your work.